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Over the years, Captel has acquired a recognized expertise in engineering and is constantly redefining the way things are done. Our engineering team is constantly working to improve its performance by offering superior quality services at a very competitive cost. With state-of-the-art technology, the engineering department covers a complete range of services and has demonstrated its excellence in the design of telecommunication structures, civil works, equipment and 3D drawings.

Telecommunications structure

  • Design of new custom and standard structures;
  • Structural analysis of all types of towers;
  • Inspection and verification of the condition of existing structures;
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance of telecommunication sites;
  • Civil engineering for new microwave links, etc;
  • Verification of verticality and torsion of towers according to CSA S37 and TIA 222-G;
  • Verification of the tension of guy wires.

Civil works

  • Design of structural foundations;
  • Complete engineering of structure installation;
  • Design of structural supports for roofing (shelter, antenna);
  • Verification of the general state of the infrastructures;
  • Inspection and verification of the condition of the various components.


  • Creation of design drawings;
  • Preparation of various bid, fabrication and installation drawings;
  • Updating as-built drawings.

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