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Captel has built a solid reputation in the installation of steel structures through its high quality work and its collaboration with internationally renowned equipment manufacturers. An important part of this recognition is the fact that the company offers in-house expertise in complete certified drawing services and has vehicles equipped to perform installation at telecommunications sites. A wide range of installation services are offered by specialized teams.

Installation of steel structure

  • Tower installation;
  • Foundation work and grounding;
  • Steel structure reinforcement (telecommunications);
  • Lines and antennas works.

Various facilities

  • Roof top site;
  • Waveguide bridges;

Verification of facilities

  • Scanning of antennas and transmission lines;
  • Start-up and configuration;
  • Analysis of equipment deterioration and recommendations for corrective measures;
  • Corrections, modifications and replacement of components.


  • Construction or reinforcement of a new communication pillar
  • Development of the site
  • Access road to the site
  • Underground grounding system

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