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Our testing and start-up

Captel has a test laboratory with an appropriate DC power supply system where equipment testing is carried out with efficiency and professionalism. This stage of quality control, carried out by our technicians, ensures the precise performance of the installations and equipment for our clients.

RF system

  • Alignment of parabolic antennas;
  • Alignment of passive reflectors;
  • Scanning of lines and antennas;
  • Received signal measurement;
  • Path analysis.

Transmission equipment

  • SONET and asynchronous point-to-point microwave links 2 to 40 GHz;
  • SONET and asynchronous fiber optic links in terminal or ring mode;
  • Intelligent multiplexer;
  • Digital channel banks;
  • Peripheral equipment.

Power supply service

  • Autonomy of the accumulators;
  • Rectifiers and converters set points;
  • Noise measurement;
  • Switching criteria;
  • Controller and PLC parameters.

Test bench

  • Network simulation;
  • Performance verification.

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